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Welcome to Linked Up! This project works as part of Carers Link, East Dunbartonshire and is focused on supporting Young Carers and Young Adult Carers aged between 8-25 years.

A young carer is anyone who provides unpaid care to a family member or friend who has a mental health problem, learning disability, physical disability or struggles with substance misuse. They might provide care alone or share the care with other family members/friends.

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What do we do?

The Linked Up project provides support to Young Carers and Young Adult Carers aged 8-25.

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If you would like to find out more then feel free to send us a message by clicking this link, all you do is leave a few details and we will be in touch soon. Easy!

Amrit Bedi
Amrit BediYoung Carer Service Coordinator
Welcome to Linked Up! – The Young Carer Service. Caring for someone can be very rewarding but it can also affect you.  If you are 8-25 years and care for someone in your family get in touch My role is to make sure you feel supported as a young carer, this can be at home and even at school. So if you are interested in joining our fun groups, having days/weeks away, need 1:1 support we are here to help you. When I am not working I like to dance in my kitchen to cheesy music. And my claim to fame is I have met Brad Pitt. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Lauren Horner
Lauren HornerChildren and Families Support Co-Ordinator
Hello! As a family worker my role is to provide focussed support to young carers and their families as a whole. I offer practical help and emotional support to families who may need that extra support with their caring role. I work with young carers age 8-16 by providing 1:1 support, group activities and also online advice and information through our website. If you are a family, or know of a family, who need support with a caring role – Linked Up can help. When I’m not at work, I like to design and be creative and enjoy a bit of upcycling!
Janice McGregor
Janice McGregorYoung Start Co-Ordinator
I work with young adult carers 16-25 and can offer 1-1 support for young adult carers as well as activities where young adult carers can spend time with their peers. For many years I worked in employability as a recruitment consultant/trainer helping unemployed people find employment through placements, training and working with employers to fill vacancies. I am now looking forward to using my skills to work with young adult carers allowing them to fulfil their potential.

For more information on staff that work for our parent organisation, Carers Link, click here.