Who do we support?

The Linked Up project supports Young Carers and Young Adult Carers aged 8-25 who are caring for someone in their family.

How do we support Young Carers?

Listening Ear

More than anything, we are here for you to talk to. Talking over things always helps which is why for many young people, the best method of support is to have the chance to talk about what’s going on at home to people who understand and won’t judge.


The Linked Up project has access to many services around East Dunbartonshire that can support you as a young carer and your family. We can also provide you with information to do with your caring role and any financial help you might be entitled to.


For many people, caring can be very confusing. You might not know what help is out there and how to go about getting it. We can provide you with Advocacy which means will listen to you and can help write letters, fill out applications, prepare for and attend meetings with you. We make sure your voice is heard.

Regular Groups

We also run regular social groups where you can meet other young carers who are in a similar situation, share experiences and build new friendships.