No time away from caring?

Young Carers can often feel like they are missing out on opportunities that other people their age might take for granted. Many have a lot of responsibilities to do with their caring role and so they struggle to find the time for their interests/hobbies, to see friends, go on trips or even sit down and watch the TV.

It’s important for everyone to have the freedom to do the things they enjoy and it’s even more important, particularly for carers, to have time for rest and relaxation.

Check out the fun the Young Carers had at Loch Insh!

Time for you

Linked Up can support you so that you are able to have time to do the things you enjoy whether that’s a chance to see friends, visit family elsewhere or just having an hour alone to relax.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help:

    • Ensure you and the person you care for are receiving support so that you feel like you have a bit more freedom and time for yourself
    • We can help you access funding which can provide money for things like a short break away
    • We can meet up regularly to give you some time away from caring
    • You can come along to group events so that you can meet others in a similar situation and most importantly, have some fun!

If you would like to know a bit more about how we can help you find more time for yourself, please click here to ‘Get in Touch’.